Friday, June 28, 2013

Samsung GT-S3770K Champ 3G Firmware Update

If you are a Samsumg champ 3G phone owner, who is looking for latest firmware update, this tutorial will guide you to update firmware successfully. 

Firmware - S3770KDDLH1

  • Released date - Nov. 2012
  • Region - India
  • Bugs fixed
  • More applications & games
  • New look
  • New tones
  • This is an official firmware update by Samsung
  • The following method with this firmware is personally tested
  • Backup your data before flashing
  • Do this in your own risk
  • I'm not responsible for any possible damages can happen to the handset
  • Flash Loader is inside the firmware folder in given downloaded file

What is required....

  1. Samsung GTS3770K device
  2. USB data cable
  3. Windows OS(Windows XP, VISTA, 7, 8) installed PC with battery backp
  4. Samsung USB drivers (not required if Samsung KIES is pre installed)
  5. Firmware
  6. Flash Loader v7.5.3

Flashing Steps

  1. Download the Firmware and Flash Loader 7.5.3
  2. Extract downloaded file ( Flash Loader is in "S3770KDDLH1" file)
  3. Turn off the phone
  4. Remove memory card, SIM card
  5. Run flash Loader 7.5.3 (Run "bfloader.exe" as administrator)
  6. Click on "SET Model" and select "S3770_Telesto_Setting_v00"

  7. Check Main box and Browse for "S3770KDDLH1.ptt" file
  8. Click on "Main Partition Table" and click OK then
  9. Check "CSC" box and browse for "S3770KODDLH1.ptt" file
  10. Click on "CSC Partition Table" and click OK
  11. Click "START"
  12. Press and hold Volume Down + Lock keys and connect the phone to the PC
  13. Wait till the process finished
  14. Unplug data cable after displaying "Slot freed for new download"

  15. Wait for 1-2 mins
  16. Turn on the phone with the new firmware
Operation finished, Enjoy new firmware with new features


  1. plz if u have good firmware to gt-s3770k plz post it.
    (like android)

  2. thanks bro. its working good thanks a lot

  3. thanks dear, worked like a charm